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Carbon steel is one of main materials in steel casting industry. Carbon steel casting is amongst the most popular materials in the world of manufacturing, due to its incredible properties, leading to it being one of our most used metals here at SEBON CASTING. Like wrought steels, cast carbon steels can be classified according to their carbon content: Low carbon cast steel (C 0.20 percent) is relatively soft and not readily heat-treatable; medium carbon cast steel (0.20 percent - C 0.50 percent) is somewhat harder and amenable to strengthening by heat treatment; high carbon cast steel (C 0.50 percent) is used when maximum hardness and wear resistance are desired.

Carbon Steel Casting Standard and Grades:

ASTM A27: Gr.N-1, Grade U60-30; Grade 60-30; Grade 65-35; Grade 70-36; Grade 70-40

ASTM A148: Grade 80-40; Grade 80-50;Grade 90-60

ASTM A216: Grade WCA, WCB, WCC

SAE: 1018, 1020, 1025, 1045

GB/T 11352: ZG200-400, ZG230-450, ZG270-500, ZG310-570

GB/T 7659-2010: ZG200-400H, ZG230-450H, ZG270-480H, ZG300-500H, ZG340-550H

Carbon steel investment casting is an extremely popular option, as it has a vast range of applications in several different industries. Due to its ferromagnetic properties, this material is particularly useful for motor and electrical appliances.

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